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Australians LOVE their news - especially online. In fact, Australians are the world's biggest consumers of news on their mobile devices!

That is why, done well, sharing great news content is a powerful way of reaching new clients and keeping your brand front-of-mind with existing customers.

However, for small business (such as financial services, accounting, real estate, recruitment, etc) this kind of 'content' marketing can be really daunting.

After all, developing amazing news web pages, email newsletters (and even news apps), and then creating and distributing engaging stories is more than likely not your core business.

Fear not - Feedsy is here!

With content ready to share on social media and auto-delivered to your suite of beautifully designed news apps, email newsletters and web pages, Feedsy do all of the heavy lifting for you. So before you know it, clients will be regularly engaged with your brand while you enjoy getting on with business.


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