Promoting Your App

Once you recover from the euphoria of having your own branded app you'll want to start telling your world about it so you can connect with people on their smart phones.

We will send you an email with a zipped package called App Marketing Toolbox which will contain the following contents:

  • Email messages (text)
  • Apple "Available on the App Store" Badge graphic (.png and .ai files)
  • Android "Android App on Google play" Badge graphic (.png and .ai files)
  • "Print_App_Stores_Search" graphic file (.png and .ai files)
  • "appname_promo": Image of your splashscreen and typical page (.png and .pdf files)
  • A "Links-and-codes" (.txt file)

Here are some ways to use these to promote your app...

Email communications

You can create your own email promoting using suggested text in our Email messages document, the appname_promo.png file and your app store badges (see below).

The Email messages file contains options and suggestions for suitable stages to use them.

We recommend that you include the Google play and App Store badges in the footer of your emails. 

Ideally you are embedding the code provided for each in the "Links-and-codes" file into your HTML footer (ask your IT person).

The 'cheats' way is to include the App Store and Google play .png files in your signature and (hyper)link each to the Direct links to your iTunes page and Google Play page in the "Links-and-codes" file - but this may not always work and is not liked by IT people.

Or if that sounds a bit hard, simply insert the "Print_App_Stores_Search" into your footer (without any linking).


Website communications

We recommend that you include linked Google Play and Apple App Store badges on your website (like we have for our Feedsy app down below.

To do so, simply include the "Embedded code" provided in the "Links-and-code" .txt file. You may need to ask your developer to do this (but the code makes this really easy to do). 

Click on our hyperlinked badges below for Feedsy...

Android app on Google Play
Android app on Google Play

Print communications

You can create your own print promotions using the following:

  • appname_promo.pdf