Upsell Emails

Feedsy can write and auto-send a series of emails to upsell a segment of your existing customers or activate dormant clients.

Emails are conversational in style and aim at empathising with a pain point or need that your awesome product or service can help them with. Each email contains a Call To Action (CTA) which is a measurable next step for your customer (eg book an appointment, download a tool, buy online, etc).

For $500 $250, Feedsy can craft five emails for you to send as a staggered campaign to clients whenever you like. You can make edits to our emails or request a single round of changes if you wish.

After you provide some basic info below, we will provide you with payment details and next steps.


Here is an example email aimed at upselling Life Insurance
to customers who are not likely to have enough (or any at all):


SUBJECT: Most people have no idea whether they have enough insurance

Hi, John. 

It's something we hear quite a lot, “Yeah, I reckon I've got life insurance ages ago but I really couldn’t tell you whether it would be enough if something did happen.”

“But the chances of anything happening to me is pretty slim. I get a headache just thinking about it.”

I’ve also heard, “We never thought it would happen to us, but cancer came along and devastated our family and left my kids with a working Mum trying to make ends meet. I am so lucky we updated our policies a few years ago because at least now we are OK financially.”

We help people make decisions about their Life Insurance everyday. What I have learnt is there is no silver bullet when working out whether you’ve got enough cover. There are so many factors and every circumstance is different and it changes over time.

If you’d like a free review of your Life Insurance then I’d welcome an online chat or an old fashioned face-to-face meeting.

This handy link makes it really easy to find a good time for the both of us:


With regards,

Gerald Merry

PS: To book a free, no obligation, online or face-to-face chat about your insurance,