Print newsletters direct from your web articles with FeedsyPrint


Print is not dead.

For some, receiving your newsletter, fact sheet, leaflet, or invitation on paper is still preferred. FeedsyPrint is the easiest way to beautifully print any combination of articles directly from your FeedsyWeb. No designer required!

It really is as easy as 1.. 2.. 3..


Create a title (eg Newsletter, Fact Sheet, etc)


Give it an edition sub-title (eg Summer, Issue 13, or leave blank)


Select articles in any order then preview and print (or download as a PDF)


You'll love using FeedsyPrint whenever and for whatever you want:
from monthly mass mail-outs to an on-the-fly handout for a client meeting.


You won't need long. FeedsyPrint takes seconds to demonstrate!

FeedsyPrint is available in Campaigner and Advocator Packages.
See Pricing.

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