Great stories.
Straight to your clients.
Direct from you.


Marketing for small business made easy

How do you keep your brand in front of customers in today’s digitalizastic world?

Well, did you know that Australians read more news on mobile devices than any other country? So it's not surprising that sharing great content is emerging as a powerful digital marketing strategy to reach new prospects and remain valued by existing clients.

If you are a small business (such as financial services, accounting, real estate, recruitment, consulting, etc) and content marketing sounds both great and hard - Feedsy is here to make it easy.


Branded client communications

Feedsy helps small businesses (like you) connect with clients through packages of fully integrated communication products.

Each product is totally branded as you including news web pages linked to email newsletters and news apps. If creating stories seems a bit daunting, Feedsy can source great content on your behalf to share on your Feedsy channels and social media

That’s great news for you AND your clients.


Do you have a question or want to speak to someone? We are here to help.