Some Client Raves



“... the Feedsy team have come along just at the right time to offer social media marketing, websites, newsletters and digitalised solutions that have helped us transform our business ...  

This gives us the opportunity to add real value and accommodate the new generation of digitally aware clients and helped us evolve in line with technological advancements ...

We are continually working with Feedsy to adapt our offering and appreciate their forward thinking on new ideas and initiatives to help us and the industry grow.”


Tony Beaven, CEO & Responsible Manager, Elders Financial Planning


“New look emails are great and the ability to link to our news page, contact us and share articles gives our clients new ways to reach us and promote our business.

The mix of articles is great, they are current and well balanced with business and finance being just a little overweight which suits us.

We can set and forget knowing our clients will receive regular contact from us that is personalised and relevant. When we want to say more we can write a targeted email article that can be shared with our broader networks then stored in our news library.

Feedsy help us with marketing ideas and the best ways to touch our clients which has put us a lot more front of mind than what we have been in the past.

The support is great and they know their stuff.”


McNeany Mark, Vertex Group


“Feedsy has been a fantastic time saver to my business.

Newsletters are automated monthly, so if you don’t have time to input your own stories then Feedsy does it for you. It allows you to easily input your own stories or client stories, the layout is very professional and simple to use.

It also links to your website so it looks like you are regularly updating your website whilst you are actually doing more important things...

Feedsy is automatic and looks great.

Anything that saves me time is a bonus.

Client feedback has also been positive.

A great service.”

Lyn Walker, AdviceLink

“I started to use Feedsy last month and with the support of Gavin and Kirsty I am already publishing my own stories. Feedback from my customers has been overwhelmingly positive with lots of compliments on the professionalism.

I have had one new customer already and customers are using the email facility to book appointments and to ask questions making it easier for them than looking me up on google.

Congratulations to your team, I am glad I found you.”


Ellen Miller, MBA FIPA Registered Tax Agent Public Accountant

“I have just used the FeedsyFlash email and love it! We usually have to reformat and muck around with the story on top of the whole sending process, so loving this option.

It’s great having a regular automated monthly email and also the newsflash option to send ad hock mail outs all within the Feedsy software.

Also the value of having two user logins and the ability for either one of us to easily send something out is immeasurable.

On another note this is amazingly timely as our IP address was blacklisted for sending ‘spam’ (or bulk emails as they see it) which is causing untold problems with our email service and is a mammoth process to fix. Using Feedsy with the built in privacy features will now distance us from this problem again.”


Robyn Brain, Darwin Financial Services

“Feedsy provides our practice and clients with a break from the usual.
Our newsletter no longer contains the usually boring industry commentary.

By using Feedsy my clients now get up to date, different and interesting communication which sets us apart from other planner groups.”


Matt Scanlon, Hillross Midland (WA)

“Feedsy has been a fantastic, time-efficient automated means to enable us to regularly provide relevant and current content to our clients.   Not only has this assisted with our compliance obligations but more importantly has proved to be a useful client engagement tool.”


Kevin Blacket, Pilot Wealth Management Pty Ltd 

“We have been using Feedsy for around a year now and love how easy it is to provide regular fresh content to our clients. The monthly newsletter is particularly easy to send and can be done with minimal (or no) input from us.

The guys at Feedsy are responsive to queries and easy to work with. We love how easy it is to achieve a professional news page and monthly newsletter.

Thanks Feedsy!”


Abraham Mohring, Well Insured

“I was looking for a way to embrace technology (social media) to promote corporate awareness of The Complete Planner. The customised App provided by Feedsy was a simply and effective way to “tip my toe in the water”.

I recently extended TCP News App as an addition to The Complete Planner’s Website. The team at Feedsy provided great support to achieve this objective. The entire process was extremely simply and the team at Feedsy were only too willing to assist me to maximise the benefits of the App.”


Roy Couzens, The Complete Planner Pty Ltd

“Conscious of the benefits of providing regular client touch-points, Feedsy has allowed us effortlessly to increase our newsletter frequency from quarterly to monthly.

It allows us very easily to integrate our own stories and news-grabs (what a great resource is "Realise your dream") - or just to use the constantly updating Feedsy articles.

Also being conscious that a stale website is detrimental to a brand, Feedsy allows for our website to have a constantly renewed buffet of blogs.

Our monthly email went out this morning ... and I've just got off the phone from Norm, a sprightly 81 year old, who wanted to discuss Shane Oliver's latest article - and a Roger Montgomery grab that I'd uploaded.”


Tom Ryan, Financial Springs


“The Feedsy team have been able to help us connect with our clients by providing them with up to date financial news stories, helpful quick links to providers and our own news category in the palm of their hands.

It’s easy to use and navigate behind the scenes.”


Peter Willett, Stature Financial Group

“Not only has Steve and the team at Feedsy been able to provide me with news content streamed across to our new website (available 24/7), but Steve has been instrumental in also setting up a new App for our business - Beyond News.

The App provides our clients with the ability to use their mobile phone or tablet device to access the same high quality and relevant news content that is available on our website.

The App also allows our clients to have access to their portfolios literally at their finger tips, as multiple links to multiple providers can be added to the App, including access for our SMSF clients to view their accounts.

Nothing is too much trouble for Steve. He is generous with his time and genuinely happy to give feedback and add value to a business wherever he possibly can.

I am so fortunate to have met Steve, who has been able to provide our business with the tools we need to continually “stay connected” and engaged with our clients.”


Stephen James, Generation Beyond

“I could not recommend Steve highly enough. He has introduced the news feed app to our business, which is great value for money, and his ability to understand your business and the image that you want to promote is brilliant.”


Simon Burge, Kensington Financial Services

“We created our own personal app with Feedsy to engage and connect with our clients. Although in it’s early stages the feedback has been positive so far and the news articles have been very interesting.”


Craig Thwaites, Securinvest Financial Planners


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