Empower your dealer network with FeedsyGroup marketing


FeedsyGroup is the perfect way for dealer groups, licensees, or franchisers to support their network with effortless marketing and professional development opportunities.

Groups like Elders, ampfpa, Centrepoint Alliance and IPA are helping their member businesses attract, activate and retain customers with special pricing, additional content and education.

Content Marketing made easy


The marketing team of any group can feed content directly into the story mix for the network to share with their customers and prospects via email, social media, apps or even on paper.

It is so easy for businesses within the group to also create and auto-publish stories through their own individually branded channels.

If the group does not produce it own content then it can still enjoy Feedsy's weekly stories or perhaps use FeedsyWrite to brief-in unique articles.

Knowledge is power


Feedsy provides digital communication and marketing education for groups in the form of webinars, presentations and workshops. Feedsy help the group stay abreast of trends and best practices at Professional Development Days, organising webinars or even hosting donut stands.

Together we will develop programs to help your network of small businesses to reach big.

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Give your group the edge with boosted knowledge and special pricing for a beautifully easy way to reach and engage customers.




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