Great news for your website


Breath life into your own website with fresh news content updated weekly.

With FeedsyRow, you can auto-feed a row of most recent stories from your FeedsyWeb news pages. This is a great way to generate more traffic to both your news page and your own website.

Choose to display all topics or perhaps filter what is fed to just one category (eg your own blog articles). Fonts, colours, row title and even the button name can be customised to match the styling of your site.

FeedsyRow can appear on the bottom of any compatible page on your site - you decide!

Currently only available for Wordpress sites, we make it easy by installing it for you.

Note sure whether your site uses Wordpress? To check, simply add /wp-admin to the end of your web address (eg yourdomain.com.au/wp-admin) and if it opens the login screen then it is a Wordpress site and we can add FeedsyRow for you.

With FeedsyRow, you get:

  • A row of the four articles from your FeedsyWeb.
  • Live-fed articles which update when new stories are added or your re-arrange their order.
  • Installation by Feedsy (we will just need some login details).
  • To customise the following (or simply leave as default):
    • Feed Category: single or all (default is All).
    • Background Colour (default is Grey).
    • Row Title (default is Most Recent).
    • Row and Story Titles Styling (based on an existing style on your site, default is H2).
    • Button Name (default is ALL RECENT) - note: button goes to your FeedsyWeb home.
    • Button Corner Style (default is Rounded)
    • Pages FeedsyRow Appears (default is Home).

Pricing (including GST):

  • Set-up fee: $275* at time of ordering
  • Monthly fee: $22 conveniently bundled with your other Feedsy payments.

* $0 (no) set-up fee with FeedsyWeb+Mail+Social bundles.

FeedsyRow requires a minimum of a FeedsyLiteWeb subscription.



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