With FeedsySocial you get
  • Up to two articles posted a week per profile (depending on how many are available to share)
  • An intro comment per share (if you want us to write one)
  • Monitoring of our shares with alerts if we feel you need to respond
  • Full editorial access (to do what you want)
  • Up to two Boosted Posts or Paid advertisements per network per month
  • Media budget and credit card management (include price bidding)
  • Profiles supported are Facebook Pages, LinkedIn Company Pages and Twitter Accounts.

$220 set-up

For 1st profile
(once-off fee)


For 1st profile
(monthly fee)


Per extra profile
(monthly fee)

Privacy Policy

Don't have a Privacy Policy?

Feedsy recommends displaying a link to one on your Feedsy channels. Having a privacy policy means your business is more transparent when it comes to handling people's personal information and helps you be more compliant with the recently updated Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act).

If you feel like some light reading then visit

The privacy policy provided by Feedsy has been created by a lawyer for us to provide you a license use on your Feedsy channels.


(once-off fee)
$0 with Campaigner and Advocator


Extend the number of people you can send to with ListPlus.
For Lite plans
  • Send to beyond the 500 subscriber limit

For non-Lite plans
  • Send to beyond the 2,500 subscriber limit

$49 for 2,500

$0 for non-Lite plans
(extra monthly fee)

$69 for 5,000

(extra monthly fee)

$129 for 10,000

(extra monthly fee)

$269 for 25,000

(extra monthly fee)

$429 for 50,000

(extra monthly fee)

Want to send to more than 50,000? Contact us.

Extra Editors (Feedsters)

  • Add or remove editors from your organisation
  • Choose what they can do and see


(once-off fee per user)
2nd Feedster included with Campaigner and Advocator

All prices in $AUD and include GST

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