FeedsyCentre is your Feedsy engine room 


FeedsyCentre is where stories are created, scheduled, published and measured.

Stories are created once in your FeedsyCentre before they are auto-delivered by us to your FeedsyMail and FeedsyWeb.

If desired, Feedsy can can source stories for you.

We regularly email you reminders to review, drag'n'drop re-arrange or add your own stories (or do nothing at all, if you wish) before everything is auto-published - all from one place, your FeedsyCentre. 

You can also add important notices or news flashes to your FeedsyCentre and distribute them by email with FeedsyFlash or share them through your social media channels.

It's so Feedsy.


FeedsyCentre is available in CommunicatorCampaigner and Advocator Packages.
See Pricing.

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