FeedsyFlash is the best way get the message out there


So, you stay connected every month with your FeedsyMail. But what if you have something urgent or more timely to communicate? You need FeedsyFlash.

FeedsyFlash allows you to send a custom FeedsyMail at any time - perfect for promotions, topical messages or special announcements.

As well as the convenience of using the contact details of your FeedsyList and the insightful analytics from your FeedsyMailHQ you also automatically distribute your content on your FeedsyWeb and FeedsyApps and you can share it on social media to lead people back to you.

FeedsyFlash allows you to edit:

  1. The subject of the email.
  2. The top bar title.
  3. Your intro message.
  4. The selection of one of more articles (created by you or us) from your FeedsyCentre).


Sending up to 5 FeedsyFlash per month is part of MailPlus

FeedsyFlash (and MailPlus) is available in Campaigner and Advocator Packages.
See Pricing.


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