Feeding your clients engaging news is easy with Feedsy


So Easy

Publishing can literally take no time at all!

News Content

Feedsy can source articles for you from the world's best

Beautiful Design

Your brand will look great delivering stories on any device

Yours To Share

Engage on social media and link back to you

Birthday Wishes

Automate client birthday messages

Segmented Groups

Send different emails to different groups

Annual Alerts

Remind your clients to contact you once a year


Provide links to calculators and other useful tools


Beautiful client communication made easy


There are many reasons why businesses choose Feedsy. But when it all comes down to it, most just want to be awesome at engaging with clients (with as little effort as possible!).

So, what's stopping you keeping in contact with clients and reaching out to new ones with your communications?

Which Feedsy feature scratches your itch? 


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