Feedsy Pricing Packages


Stay connected with customers and prospects every month

Set-up fee

$660 once-off

Monthly subscription

$149 ($79 for Lite)

Begins one month after sign-up


  • 10 stories per week (1 for Lite)
  • Bonus monthly video content (n/a for Lite)
  • Customise StoryMix (20+ categories)
  • Review or add unlimited content
  • Feedster login (1 user included1)
  • Links to/from your website
  • Share to social media (by you or Feedsy2)
  • news. before your web address3


  • Optimised for any device
  • Monthly auto-publishing
  • 10 stories included
  • Up to 25004 recipients (5004 for Lite)
  • FeedsyMailHQ analytics

1 Add Feedsters with add-on
2 We can share for you with FeedsySocial
3 eg news.yourdomainhere.com.au
4 Send to more with ListPlus


Target your marketing with more personalised communications

Set-up fee

$990 AUD$ once-off

Monthly subscription

$199 ($129 for Lite)

Begins one month after sign-up

All Communicator features plus...

FeedsyWeb Plus 

  • Extra Feedster login (2 users included1)
  • Privacy Policy (if you need one)


  • Up to 5 email sends per month
  • Manually send campaigns
  • FeedsyFlash template
  • Plain Text template
  • BirthdayMail your subscribers
  • Auto-intro email to new subscribers


  • Sub-groups for different emails
  • Consulting and support
  • Custom fields (created by Feedsy)
  • Segment rules (created by Feedsy)
  • Set-ups (list upload and linking)


  • Pop-ups on iPhone, iPad and Android
  • "How to" add to home screen
  • Appear on articles once a day
  • No more pop-ups after icon is added
  • Turns FeedsyWeb into a web app


  • Create print newsletters in seconds
  • Create title and sub-title
  • Any article(s) in any order
  • Unlimited use

1 Add Feedsters with add-on


Turn happy customers into lead generators for your business

Set-up fee

$1320 AUD$ once-off

Monthly subscription

$259 ($189 for Lite)

Begins one month after sign-up

All Campaigner features plus...


  • Landing page
  • Thank you page
  • Auto referral, thanks and alert emails
  • Auto follow-up email
  • Referral link on FeedsyWeb
  • Promotion on FeedsyMail
  • Analytics including referral source
  • Marketing assets
  • Use referral link on your channels
  • Test incentives

FeedsyNPS - BETA

  • Net Promoter Score surveys
  • Leverage referral moments
  • Gain valuable insights
  • Identify issues
  • Easy to trigger
  • Referral prompts for high NPS
  • Reminder and follow-up emails
  • Analytics

Onboarding Journeys - BETA

  • Automated onboarding emails
  • Introduce new clients to your business
  • Generate "greatwill"
  • Easy to trigger
  • Use our templates or customise
  • Includes NPS


All prices in $AUD and include GST.


Need a bit more?
See our add-ons and tailor a plan to suit.

About our fees?

There are two fees:

  1. A once-off set-up fee

  2. Subscription - which begins one month after the set-up payment

  3. You can stop your monthly subscription at any time.

If you wish to upgrade or downgrade in the future, simply:

  1. Pay a small set-up "Gap Fee" (for upgrades only)

  2. Your next monthly payment will be adjusted to new package price.

To put your account on hold or cancel:

  1. There is a small admin holding fee of $22 per month if you wish to pause your account

  2. If you cancel your account all Feedsy assets will be deleted after 30 days.

Do you have a question or want to speak to someone? We are here to help.