Changing your branding

We are here to keep your Feedsy Channels inline with any recent branding change to your business.

Depending on your changes and your package, this is what we will look to update for you:


  • Icons (all sizes)
  • Splashscreens (all sizes)
  • Header bar
  • Top logo slide
  • Images for app stores (all sizes - up to 25!)
  • Internal app pages (including disclaimer text if needed)
  • Rebuild and submission to both app stores
  • New App Marketing Toolbox


  • Header bar
  • Main logo
  • Intro panel
  • Footer (including disclaimer text if needed)
  • FeedsyFlash template (if needed)
  • BirthdayMail template (if needed)
  • AnnualMail template (if needed)


  • Header bar
  • Main logo
  • Navigation on/off colours
  • Stay informed row (app graphic)
  • Footer (including disclaimer text if needed)
  • Contact page title


  • Header bar
  • Main logo
  • Title and sub-title colours
  • Footer (including disclaimer text if needed)
  • Address title

There is a small admin fee to update everything (which is usually completed in a few days but can be a bit longer if the app gods need to re-approve your apps). If it is just a name change (same logo and colours) then there is a 50% discount.

Just loading your change form.