Changing the welcome message

Each week, a welcome message appears at the top of your published stories (see Reviewing Feedsy stories about notifications and login to your Story Centre). Provided by Feedsy, the default text and image (your logo) can be customised or removed by you each week.

Here's how to do it.



First of all, you'll probably already be logged in and reviewing your other stories - so simply find the Hello there story and click to edit it


To edit the welcome message text

You can change the headline and text (note: the only any text formatting recognised by the app are italics and bold).

Of course, you can simply delete the entire message (see To remove a story).


To change the welcome message image

If you wish to change the image, first delete the default image by clicking the delete icon on the image


Then make sure there is a linespace BEFORE the beginning of the text (you might need to press RETURN) and that your cursor is positioned in that space. Then press Add Media.


Then either drag and drop the image you wish to use or select it from your browser.


Once the image is uploaded, it will appear TICKED in the media library.

  • Alignment: None
  • Size: Medium (or a larger size if the first dimension is less than 300)
  • Insert into post.


Final step: Update it

Once you are happy with your modified Welcome message (including making sure there is a space between the image and the first line of text) simply press Update.

That's it.