You can be a weekly editor (or simply do nothing)

Once your app has been approved your Feedsy stories will be ready to publish to your subscribers every week! 

If you decide to sit back and let Feedsy do all the publishing for you (including your weekly welcome message) then you need to read no further.

If you want to add your own stories and messages or review what is published by Feedsy then read on - it's easy to be a Feedsy editor.

Username, Password and Story Centre

Before your app is published you will receive an email from Feedsy Alerts which will give you the keys to your Story Centre

Please keep this email in a safe place as you will need its information every week should you wish to review or add stories.

Your keys will be the username and password and the link provided will be the door to your Story Centre.


Weekly alerts and publishing

You will receive weekly emails from Feedsy Alerts letting you know that you have a fresh batch of stories ready for publishing to your app. The email will contain links to your Story Centre as well as the page you are reading now just in case your memory gets rusty.

You will receive these emails every Thursday* morning and all stories will be set for auto-published mid-morning on the Friday*.

You can either sit back and do nothing or review and edit your story list up until breakfast time on Friday*.

* Times are ACST. See Your Feedsy publishing times for more details.


Reviewing stories

Click on the link to your Story Centre and enter your username and password to login.

We recommend ticking Remember Me to save you having to login each time.


You will be taken to your dashboard where you will select Posts > All Posts.

Click Scheduled to see the supplied Feedsy stories set for auto-publishing that week.

Open and read each story by clicking on the headline (or Edit).

If you're happy with the story, then simply press Back on your browser to see the rest.

If you are happy with all of the Feedsy stories and have nothing else to add - thenā€¦ that's it - you're done!


To remove a story

If you read a story that you don't wish to be sent to your app then you can delete it by pressing Move to Trash


To retrieve a deleted story

Oops! Do you need to retrieve a story that you deleted by mistake. No problems.

In All Posts, find the story in Trash and simply select Restore.

All sorted. No need for the Fire Department. Catastrophe averted. 

To edit a Feedsy news article

Just testing!

Naturally, you remembered you're not permitted to edit or change a Feedsy news story in any way as per the Terms of Service.

To change the welcome message or add your own story

See Changing the welcome message or Adding your own stories.