FeedsySocialPlus is Social with a boost - literally


With the FeedsySocialPlus package we will do everything in the FeedsySocial package, plus twice a month we’ll action a paid/sponsored boost to a popular post or advertise on social media on your behalf.

Boosting or sponsoring content means that you will reach many times more people outside of your existing social circles.

How much you spend is up to you - and you have access to all reporting.

With FeedsySocialPlus, you get:

  • Two articles posted a week per network, with a comment (if you want one)
  • Site monitoring
  • Retain full editorial access
  • Two Boosted Posts or Paid advertisements per network per month
  • Monthly reporting emailed to you
  • Media budget and credit card management (include price bidding).

Note: Does not include the creation of your social media profiles.

Pricing (including GST):

  • Set-up fee: $220 at time of ordering (includes creating user access to your profile(s))

  • Monthly fee: $220 per profile (begins one month after set-up)

  • Monthly or total media budget (direct to Facebook and/or LinkedIn).

Note: An additional set-up fee applies if extra profile(s) are added after the initial set-up.
No set-up fees apply if you are upgrading from FeedsySocial.



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