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Generate warm leads from happy referrers


Word-of-mouth referrals are the lifeblood of small business. 

So what is holding yours back?

FeedsyReferrals is based on the 5 steps to more referrals which breaks down the barriers to more people recommending your business to others (and others to your business).

The 5 steps to more referrals

Step 1: Be awesome (simply)


Whilst we cannot make your business better, FeedsyReferrals helps make what you do "well" easier to explain and recommend to others.

FeedsyReferrals creates a Referral Statement with you that makes referrals easier for both the referrer and you.


Step 2: Be easy


Let's face it - making a referral can be tricky business: you have to remember to do it; and then work out the best way to do it (SMS, email, phone call?); think of what to say; find and provide the best contact details; and then let the business know about it...

FeedsyReferrals makes all of this easy - and automated!

Your fans can now simply click on a link, fill out an attractive form and then everything is taken care of: the referral (from the referrer), the thank you (from you), the notification (to you) and even a follow-up introductory email (from you).


Step 3: Be rewarding


People love feeling appreciated and providing rewards for referrals generates more goodwill (and referrals) for your business. Rewards can be in the form of promoted incentives, a surprise gift or simply a thank you. 

FeedsyReferrals makes it easy to try different rewards and can help you simply articulate terms and conditions for any incentive program you might want to try with your clients or networks.


Step 4: Be there


There is no point in having a referral program if no-one can see it. Your FeedsyMail is viewed once a month, your website is visited regularly, and your email footer is often in their inbox - these are just some examples of how people can passively see your invitation to recommend a friend throughout the year with FeedsyReferrals. Be there - or be invisible.


Step 5: (Don't) be shy


There are different reasons businesses do not ask for referrals - but the outcome is usually the same.
Not enough referrals.

FeedsyReferrals makes it easy to "ask" with pre-built email campaigns and stories to share - each with a link to your branded referral page. With FeedsyReferrals, you have a powerful tool (and single link) to help the people who love you generate you more business.



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