How to use FeedsyPrint

Open FeedsyPrint Settings

  1. Open your FeedsyCentre 
  2. Select FeedsyPrint from settings.

Customise Your FeedsyPrint

  1. Create a Title (eg Newsletter, Fact Sheet, etc)
  2. Create an Edition Title (eg July 2016, Finance, etc)
  3. Choose Stories
  4. View Now

Preview Your Instant Design

  • Logo and colours are from your FeedsyWeb
  • Title and Edition Title are from your FeedsyPrint Settings
  • Articles are from your FeedsyPrint Settings and intelligently auto-wrap to create balanced columns
  • Your FeedsyWeb web link is promoted
  • Disclosure Statement (if applicable) is from your FeedsyWeb
  • Website, email address and office phone numbers from your FeedsyWeb

Print Or Download The PDF To Print Later


Remove Stories

After previewing you can go back to remove or add stories. To remove:

  1. Click Remove to remove story from the print list

Find Stories

  1. Find a story by typing in part of its title