How to manage your subscriber list and monitor the performance of your FeedsyMails (updated, March 2015).

In this video

00:00 Intro.

00:26 Getting started - receive invite and set password.

00:53 The FeedsyMail HQ Dashboard.

01:05 Managing your subscriber list: Active, Unsubscribed, Bounced, Deleted.

01:45 Adding Subscribers: Manually.

02:18 Adding Subscribers: via Excel Spreadsheet for multiple.

02:41 See individual subscriber activity.

03:10 Reports: Automation menu

03:27 Benchmark Open Rates (20-40%), Click Rates (>3%).

03:35 See what stories people are clicking on.

03:52 Ignore Countries.

04:04 Summary.

04:25 End.