Next Steps

Congratulations on getting started with Feedsy.

We will hold you by the hand in getting everything ready including prompts along the way with easy to follow emails.

Here are steps that you will take over the first month.

1. Getting Started - DONE!

DAY 0 (5 minutes)

You fill out the online set-up form.
You'll be asked to start preparing your FeedsyList (if applicable).

2. Set-up Details Confirmation

DAY 1 (5 minutes)

We check everything and let you know we're ready to go.
You'll ask your IT person to create a subdomain.

3. Set-up Subdomain

DAYS 2-7 (5 minutes)

Your IT person will create a subdomain.

4. Review/Approve Previews and FeedsyList

DAYS 8-11 (15-30 minutes)

Depending on your plan, you'll get previews to approve of your FeedsyWeb, FeedsyMail and/or FeedsyApps and will prepare and upload your email subscriber list.

5. Receive Login Details and Instructions

DAY 13 (15 minutes)

You will now be able to review or add stories as well as manage your FeedsyMail analytics and subscribers. There is heaps of useful documentation as well as training to help you get started. But don't worry, it's easy.

6. Training

DAY 14+ (60 minutes)

Book in an online training session or just use our support documentation.

7. Ongoing Monthly Activity Begins!