Ongoing Monthly Activity

Well done, everything is set-up.

Each month you will need as little as 0-60 minutes to stay in contact with your customers and prospects (it's up to you).

Here is what happens in a typical month (depending on your plan).

FeedsyApp Story Review


You will receive a weekly email alert that new stories are ready to review or re-arrange. You can add your own articles too. Or you can simply ignore the alert and all your stories will be available to view on your apps.

FeedsyApp Notifications


Your apps will alert people who have it downloaded (and notifications turned on) that a new batch of stories have arrived.

FeedsyMail Story Review

LAST FRIDAY* OF THE MONTH (0-15 minutes)

You will receive a monthly email alert that your monthly FeedsyMail is set to send the ten stories at the top of the list. So you have a few days to review or re-arrange our stories, add your own articles or simply do nothing at all before your email newsletter is auto-published.

FeedsyMail Auto-Publish


Your FeedsyMail is sent to your FeedsyList. You can see subscriber activity, open and click rates, and which stories have had the most clicks.


* You can select other FeedsyMail monthly cycles (eg 2nd Wednesday of the month).