How to review and edit your WRITE articles

We will send you a link to review your WRITE articles.

Here is what you do next.


You would have already been provided login instructions and you may be already logged in from your last visit.

We recommend [ticking] Remember Me.

Review your Scheduled articles

  1. You should be just seeing your Scheduled Articles. If not, click Scheduled.
  2. To review a story, rollover if and click Preview.

Edit your Scheduled articles

  1. If you wish to request some re-writes please skip to Request a Rewrite.
  2. To Edit a story, click Edit at the bottom of the article Preview.
  3. IMPORTANT: Save edits by clicking blue Update button. 

Request a Rewrite

  1. You can request one round of rewrites instead of making edits yourself.
  2. Go back to your email alert about these articles
  3. Click on the REQUEST REWRITE button and follow the prompts.
  4. We will then contact you to discuss your concerns. 

Review other Scheduled articles

  1. Click on Stories then click on Scheduled.
  2. Repeat the above Preview and Edit steps if needed.



Book a training session

If you want help then let us know when you have 20 minutes for an online training session.

There is also more handy information on our Support page.