Send different emails to different groups


For some businesses, it makes sense to create and send different FeedsyMails or FeedsyFlashes to different segments of their subscriber FeedsyList.

For instance, the Sydney and Melbourne offices may wish to personalise the physical and email address their respective FeedsyMails are delivered from.

Another example may be a FeedsyFlash invitation sent only to Premium Members.

Feedsy can now create different groups automatically based on info provided for each subscriber. Let us know what you want to achieve and we will help you get there.

A big advantage of Segments over separate lists is that you are only managing a single list that can subscribed to by your Stay Informed form. You also avoid duplicating the number of subscribers which will avoid additional ListPlus fees as your list grows in size.


Segments is available in Campaigner and Advocator Packages.
See Pricing.

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