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1.0 FeedsyWrite Delivery Policy

1.1 Content is ordered and delivered to clients through our briefing document. Each document must include specific details about the exact nature of the client's requirements, hereby referred to as a brief. It is the client's responsibility to ensure that the information contained within their brief(s) is an accurate reflection of their requirements. Any disputes arising from content delivered will refer back to this original brief.

1.1.1 At the point of order, customers are given an estimated delivery time when we expect your copy to be delivered. This delivery time is an estimate, not a guarantee.

1.1.2 Once a brief has been approved by the client and accepted by us, we have made a contract to supply the client with the content, written to the brief, as far as can be reasonably interpreted by the writer(s) tasked with writing the copy.

1.1.3 Once an order has been approved and placed, clients cannot change or amend the brief that has been supplied to the writer(s).

1.1.4 Once copy has been supplied, clients have seven (7) days to review and request changes. Should clients not request changes within this timeframe or unless clients request a change to the publication date, Feedsy will publish the story at the scheduled newsletter release date.

1.1.5 Clients are entitled to ONE (1) round of changes. Further rounds of changes will be charged at a rate of $330 including GST per round.

1.1.6 Once changes have been made, clients have seven (7) days to approve the final article. Should clients not respond with an approval within this timeframe, Feedsy will publish the story at the next newsletter release date.

1.1.7 We reserve the right to change the writer(s) tasked with working on an open order at any time, without prior consent.

1.1.8 We reserve the right to refuse any briefs that contain references to defamatory, illegal or offensive material.

1.1.9 We reserve the right to refuse any briefs that are intended for academic purposes.


Last updated: 6 September, 2016